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  • Granada: fashion in the Centre.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) Fashion in the Centre. The streets Mesones, Alhóndiga, Puentezuelas or Recogidas in the centre of the city have the largest offer of shops of all kinds. Prestigious fashion boutiques, franchises, art galleries, antique shops, shoe shops, perfume shops and food stores can be foun…

  • Granada’s most flamenco side.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) The best way to feel the true cultural roots of Granada is to visit its flamenco clubs. There are numerous areas where you can see this type of live music show. At all of them you will be able to feel the excitement of the Spanish guitar, see typical flamenco costumes, learn wha…

  • Granada: street markets, a little bit of everything.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) Street markets: a little bit of everything. To buy reasonably priced or second-hand shoes, bags or clothes the best thing to do is go down to the Almanjayar street market on a Sunday morning between 09.00 and 15.00 hours. You can also buy seasonal flowers, fruit and vegetables h…

  • Lively nights in Granada.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) Nights in Granada are one long party. A night on the town usually begins with a few tapas. Young people tend to frequent the Pedro Antonio de Alarcón area, and there are also traditional tapas bars in the city centre, for example on the streets near Plaza Nueva square and the Ca…

  • Round the Alhambra.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) A trip round the Alhambra in Granada, one of the most important and popular monumental sites in Spain, is a unique experience in itself. We suggest completing this experience with a series of special visits planned for discovering the urban and natural setting of this gem in And…

  • Granada hosts the International Music and Dance Festival.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) Granada invites you to come and visit the city at this very special time, during the celebration of the International Music and Dance Festival, set to take place in its emblematic historic centre which has been recognised by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Great symphony or…

  • Granada’s Alhambra: the magic of the Thousand and One Nights in Andalusia.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) Discover the splendour of the Sultans of ancient Al-Andalus and experience the magical world of the Thousand and one Nights in the gardens and patios of the Alhambra. It is one of the most beautiful monumental sites ever built by man, and Spain’s most visited. The Alhambra and G…

  • Close to paradise in the gardens of the Generalife.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) A garden that will leave all your senses in ecstasy, alongside a fairy-tale palace. Can you imagine it? This incredible place really does exist - you can find it in Granada. These are the Moorish gardens of the Generalife, alongside the monumental buildings of the Alhambra, whic…

  • Sleeping in a cave.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional hotels in the city, we suggest something more original: sleeping in a typical cave-house in Granada, Andalusia. Imagine spending a few days in a vast cave dug out on the slope of a ravine, with a whitewashed chimney and a …

  • Unique proposals for your trip to Granada.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) A visit to La Alhambra and El Generalife or the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a must in any plan for a trip to Granada. In addition to these “must-sees,” here are some unique ideas to make the trip more special. Would you like to spend time in a Buddhist retreat, see Granada from t…

  • Sierra Nevada, skiing with sea views.

    Travel ideas

    … Granada. (Andalusia) Skiing for all, beneath the Andalusian sun, with views of the coast. This could well sum up what it is like to ski at Sierra Nevada, in the stunning mountains of Granada. The privileged location of this Andalusian ski resort guarantees a high proportion of sunny days, even in mi…

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