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  • Fuerteventura marine resort. Puerto del Rosario.

    Sport | Marine resorts

    …Calle Almirante Lallermand, 1. 35600. Puerto del Rosario. Fuerteventura. (Canary Islands) Fax.: +34 928851695 | E-mail: An incredible setting for enjoying a wide variety of wa…

  • Gran Canaria marine resort. Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las.

    Sport | Marine resorts

    …Calle Los Balcones, 4. 35001. Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las. Gran Canaria. (Canary Islands) E-mail: A wide variety of nautical sports on offer in warm waters. The island o…

  • GR 131: El Bastón (Route of the Crests - the Volcanoes).

    Sport | Hiking

    …La Palma. (Canary Islands) Unidad de Medio Ambiente del Cabildo de La Palma. The GR 131 was created from the logical joining of two large mountain routes in La Palma: the Volcano Route and the …

  • GR 130: Camino Real de La Costa.

    Sport | Hiking

    …La Palma. (Canary Islands) Federación Canaria de Montañismo. Fax.: +34 922240283 | Traditionally, the main localities of the island were connected by the so-called Camino Real de La Costa y Median…

  • Fuerteventura Golf Club. Antigua.

    Sport | Golf

    …Carretera de Jandía Km. 11, s/n. 35610. Antigua. Fuerteventura. (Canary Islands) Fax.: +34 928163658 | E-mail: . Fuerteventura Golf Club is an 18-hole course, design…

  • Salinas de Antigua Golf Club. Antigua.

    Sport | Golf

    …Carretera de Jandía Km. 12. 35610. Antigua. Fuerteventura. (Canary Islands) Fax.: +34 928877271 | E-mail: The course covers a maximum distance of 5,550 metres for men and 4,800 …

  • Maspalomas golf course. San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

    Sport | Golf

    …Avenida Touroperadores Neckerman, s/n. 35100. Maspalomas. San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Gran Canaria. (Canary Islands) Fax.: +34 928768245 | E-mail: . This flat course is …

  • El Cortijo Country Club. Telde.

    Sport | Golf

    …Autopista del Sur GC-I, Km. 6,4. 35213. Telde. Gran Canaria. (Canary Islands) Fax.: +34 928714905 | E-mail: It has been created on a typical Canary Islands estate, and blends ha…

  • Tecina Golf. Alajeró.

    Sport | Golf

    …Lomada de Tecina, s/n. Playa de Santiago. 38811. Playa de Santiago. Alajeró. Gomera. (Canary Islands) Tel.: +34 922145950 | +34 902222130 | Fax.: +34 922145951 | E-mail: Tecin…

  • Anfi Tauro Golf. Mogán.

    Sport | Golf

    …Barranco del Lechugal, Valle de Tauro s/n. (Autopista GC-1 Dirección Sur-Mogán, Salida Km. 61). 35138. Mogán. Gran Canaria. (Canary Islands) Fax.: +34 928063755 | E-mail: You can enjoy …

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