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  • Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park.

    Nature | National parks

    …Ciudad Real. (Castile-La Mancha) Fax.: +34 926851176 | E-mail: The paradise for birds. The park is a unique and special ecosystem, with wetlands formed by the rivers overflowing in their middle sections,…

  • Cabañeros National Park.

    Nature | National parks

    …(Castile-La Mancha) Fax.: +34 926783484 | E-mail: Iberian fauna in the meadow. Cabañeros National Park is outstanding because of its abundant fauna, including many endemic species. The meadows, mountain ran…

  • Alto Tajo nature reserve.

    Nature | Other spaces

    …Entre la parte suroriental de Guadalajara y la nororiental de Cuenca. Se accede desde la carretera A-2 Guadalajara-Alcolea del Pinar, km. 133 tomar la N-211 a Molina de Aragón. (Castile-La Mancha) Centro de Interpretación Alto Tajo Zaorejas (Guadalajara). One of…

  • Ruidera Lakes Nature Reserve.

    Nature | Other spaces

    …(Castile-La Mancha) Centro de Visitantes de Ruidera (Ciudad Real). Tel.: +34 926850371 | +34 967377670 (OIT Ossa de Montiel) | +34 926528026 (OIT Ruidera) | +34 926528116 | Fax.: +34 926850664 | E-mail: The lagoons of La Mancha. A chain of f…

  • Tejera Negra Beech Forest Nature Reserve.

    Nature | Other spaces

    …Cantalojas. Guadalajara. (Castile-La Mancha) Centro de Recepción de Visitantes del Hayedo de la Tejera Negra, Cantalojas. A vestige of times passed. The beech trees of Tejera Negra were planted in remote times, when the climate was colder and mo…

  • La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve.

    Nature | Biosphere reserves

    …(Castile-La Mancha) In the heart of Castile-La Mancha. Since 1980, Tablas de Daimiel National Park, Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve and the transitional zone between these protected spaces have formed a World Biosphere Reserve. In 2014, UNESCO extended the protected space so that 'La Mancha Húmeda…

  • Vía Verde de la Jara route.


    …Campillo de la Jara, El. Toledo. (Castile-La Mancha) Mancomunidad Vía Verde de la Jara. E-mail:   A 52-kilometre long stretch of old railway line, recovered for hikers and cyclists, in the province of Toledo (Castile-La Mancha).   It was sh…

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