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Bullfighting in Spain: on the other side of the barrier

Can you imagine feeling all the excitement of the world of bullfighting? Would you like to see how these animals are reared, and spend an enjoyable day at a bull farm? Then come to Spain, because as well as attending spectacular bullfights you can discover the farms where these animals are raised, go on themed routes and take part in enjoyable traditional fiestas. An unforgettable experience.

Come to Spain and discover the world of bullfighting - you are sure to have fun. In Spain, bullfighting is not just attending the impressive bullrings for the fights. It is also a key element of many fiestas in towns and villages. If you come, in some places you can take part in bull-running or just watch. At these events, crowds of people run with the bulls through the streets to the bullring. However, they always have some prior preparation and there are experts along the way who guide the bulls between the route's barriers.

Summer is the best time to take part in these fiestas. Specifically, in July, you can attend a world famous spectacle, the Sanfermines in Pamplona. Dress in white with red neck scarf, head for the main square of the city and witness the "chupinazo": a firework is launched from a balcony to announce the start of the fiestas. This marks the beginning of several days of bull-running and fiestas with unique experiences to be lived.

Do you want to see a bull face to face? There are many companies in Spain that organise "capeas". They prepare everything necessary for you to bullfight young cows and bulls called "becerros" or "novillos". For example, at the Illumbre Bullring, in San Sebastián, you can have a very original stag event.

Visits to bull farms

Would you like to see a fighting bull in its natural habitat? In Spain there are stunning estates dedicated to rearing fighting bulls, such as those of Victorino, Miura and Domecq. The majority of them accept visits (book in advance) and will organise a pleasant day at the farm. This is the case of the D. José Mur and Rogelio Marí farms, in Tarragona, where you can live an authentic farm day, fight a bull in a small ring and sample typical regional delicacies such as blood pudding and bull stew. Sounds good, don’t you think?

In Andalusia there are also estates with everything designed for your enjoyment, such as La Julia Farm in El Puerto de Santa María or Los Albujeros in Medina Sidonia, both in the province of Cadiz. There you can see fighting bulls and have the chance to take part in various fights with young bulls. Furthermore, there are other farms where you can go horse riding, listen to the songs of a Rocio group and try activities like archery.

Tailor-made routes

After these experiences you may well become a bullfighting enthusiast. If this is the case, then in Andalusia you can do various routes such as the Cerrojazo Route, which takes you to Jaén and Seville or the summer route to Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and Almería visiting all their bullfighting museums, bull farms, bullrings... all in your own time.

The major bullrings have websites with a list of bull farms, where you can get addresses if you are interested in these activities. Feel the matador's passion. Discover the fascinating world of the bullfight.

For more information, you can contact the following farms and estates by telephone: Ganadería D. José Mur: +34 977455040 Ganadería Rogelio Martí: +34 977455009 y +34 977267159 Finca La Julia: +34 956856694 Finca Los Albujeros: +34 956304168 Ganadería Martín Andrés, D. Victorino: +34 927193102 Ganadería Miura: +34 954614246 Ganadería Domecq, D. Juan Pedro: +34 915760402

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