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Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum: an original, intelligent approach


Autonomous region:

Alicante - Alacant


To present history in an original and educational, yet scientifically accurate manner: this is the aim of the Alicante Provincial Archaeological Museum (MARQ), a spectacular and modern place that is much more than just an exhibit of finds and objects. It is a place where culture and entertainment go hand in hand, where visitors actively participate in the wonderful world of archaeology.

Discover Alicante's past and origins, the legacy of the different civilisations that left their imprint on the province and its ways of life. Take a walk inside caves and around archaeological sites, where you can learn about excavation and restoration techniques. Visit a sunken Roman ship and tour its holds full of amphorae and treasures. These are only some of the many activities on offer at the MARQ, a place that brings history to life in a new way.

Through room after room, we can travel to remote prehistoric times; to the Iberian culture and later Roman invasion of these Mediterranean lands; to the Middle Ages; and finally, moving on, to the modern, contemporary Alicante we know today. This trip through history is complemented by spectacular

installations, audiovisual projections, computer graphics and staging to help visitors understand the different historical contexts in a simple and pleasant manner. Every detail has been looked after in recreating the different settings. Thus, visitors are not just observers, but are actually surrounded by a thrilling universe made up of stones, objects and finds of great significance, where they will feel like real archaeologists themselves.

Temporary exhibits and conferences are the perfect complements in this interactive museum which offers surprises galore. Both children and adults will enjoy the experience and can learn about many different aspects of Alicante's past through futuristic technologies. This museum is a cultural and entertainment option that is very highly recommended.

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