If you have a 4G-compatible device, when you come to Spain you'll be able to enjoy ultra-fast Internet in most parts of the country and –naturally– in all the major cities. You can download multimedia content, send videos of your trip, enjoy augmented reality apps or look for practical information on your mobile device faster than ever. If you travel with your mobile device in Spain you'll be able to gain fast access to information on Internet. 4G coverage is available across most of the territory and is continually expanding. By 2016 coverage will extend to all populations of at least 1,000 inhabitants. You can enjoy the best connectivity in major tourist destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Cordoba, Palma, Bilbao and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In general, high-speed 4G Internet technology has been available in all big cities since 2014. Below is a map with information on 4G coverage in Spain, and the date since when it has been available. The letter and number appearing in each indicator refer to the month and the year in which the 4G coverage is expected for that point. That is to say: M13: May 2013 -  J13: June 2013 - S13: September 2013 - O13: October 2013 - D13: December 2013 - D14: December 2014. Mapa 4G en España Things to remember: - At Spain's official tourism portal, www.spain.info we offer extremely practical applications for your mobile device when you travel. You'll find them in the 'Apps and downloads' section at the bottom of each page. Information on destinations, beaches, monuments, museums, gastronomy, transport, etc. Everything you need for your trip on your smartphone. - You can also find useful tourist apps through our Apps search engine . - A 4G-compatible device is required in order to make use of the available coverage. - We recommend asking your national network operator about the connectivity conditions for data transfer from your device in Spain. The conditions and rates may differ from the ones in your country.

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