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Calle Balneario s/n
30630  Fortuna, Murcia  (Murcia)
Tel.:+34 902444410
Fax.:+34 968685087




A modern spa resort with 19th-century architectural charm. Its unique waters, its facilities and its mild, dry climate make Leana Spa more than just a specialised health centre. It is much, much more: a place to relax, receive beauty treatments, feel better, enjoy oneself, and so forth.



  • Therapeutic treatments: Anti-stress treatment, Respiratory disorders, Rheumatic complaints, Trauma
  • Techniques: Aerosol, Bubble bath, Circular shower, Foot baths, Hand baths, Manual massage, Mud, Nasal douches, Pressure jet, Sprays, Steam room, Swimming pool
  • Characteristics of the water: Bicarbonated waters, Calcium-containing, Chloride-containing, Fluoride, Iron-rich, Magnesium, Radioactive, Sodium-rich, Sulphate-rich


WHAT IS THERE NEARBY? (within a 2 km radius)

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