Northern Route stage 15: Santillana del Mar - Comillas


This stage passes through...

Santillana del Mar, Arroyo, Oreña, Caborredondo, Novales, Cóbreces, La Iglesia, Casasola, Comillas

Outstanding destinations


Route belonging to:
The Way of Saint James

Name of route:
Northern Route

21,00 km

Mode of transport
  • 5,20. Horseback

  • 3.00. Bicycle

  • 3.30. Walking

Main difficulties
No signposting of any kind is permitted inside the historic centre of Santillana. Pilgrims should leave the town along the Calle de los Hornos which starts in the main square.

Flora, fauna and crops
The local vegetation features abundant eucalyptus, pines, Cantabrian broom, laurel and willow; and native fauna includes rodents, red-billed chough, barnacles and octopus.

Gastronomic products, cakes and pastries
Typical products of the area are lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, grouper and cheese.

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