Northern Route stage 12: Colindres - Güemes


This stage passes through...

Colindres, Laredo, Santoña, Berria, Tregandín (Barrio de Noja), San Pantaleón, San Miguel de Meruelo, Bareyo, Güemes

Outstanding destinations


Route belonging to:
The Way of Saint James

Name of route:
Northern Route

21,80 km

Mode of transport
  • 5,30. Horseback

  • 3,00. Bicycle

  • 3,30. Walking

Main difficulties
The climb up to Noja involves an upward stretch at the end of the Berria beach.

Flora, fauna and crops
The local vegetation features numerous specimens of Cantabrian holm oak, strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), false olive, buckthorn, laurel, rowan, hazel, hawthorn, beech. The fauna includes spoonbill, loons, grebe, black-necked grebe, cormorant, egret, water fowl, common goose, pintail, coot, yellow-legged gull, common murre, puffin, purple heron, red-crested pochard, black-winged stilt, common coot, osprey, various species of owl, swallow, reed warbler, goldfinch and kestrel; and weasel, polecat, badger, marten, Iberian and rock lizard.

Craft products
Pottery, sculptures and model ships.

Gastronomic products, cakes and pastries
Tuna and anchovies.

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