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Northern Route stage 06: Gernika-Lumo - Bilbao


This stage passes through...

Gernika-Lumo, Gerikiz, Goikolexalde, Lezama, Zamudio, Bilbao

Outstanding destinations


Route belonging to:
The Way of Saint James

Name of route:
Northern Route

29,70 km

Mode of transport
  • Bicycle

  • Walking

Main difficulties
This stage has a very complicated layout; so as not to get lost, pilgrims are better off taking the road. Particular attention should be paid at the junction before Sarrikue, where pilgrims should take the left turn-off. This stage includes three difficult stretches for pilgrims following the Way on MTB. The climb up to Gerekiz is hard going; the best way is through Muxika and Ugarte. Another tricky spot is the stretch between Lezama and Bilbao. The best way is to take the road from Lezama up to the Vivero de Kortatxueta, and then follow the forest track leading to Mount Iturritxualde.

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