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Mountain stew (pork, beans and potatoes)

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Ingredients for 6 people: 400 g of haricot beans 300 g of marinated ribs 100 g of streaky bacon 100 g of bacon 100 g of spicy sausage 100 g of black pudding 1 kg of cabbage 100 g of pig's ear 1 onion 1 clove of garlic Sweet paprika Olive oil for browning Salt


Leave the beans to soak overnight. Put water on to heat in a cooking pot, when it comes to boil, add the beans and simmer, along with the bacon. As they cook, add water when necessary and let the broth thicken.Add the rib and the pig's ear half-way through cooking. Boil the cabbage separately and add the streaky bacon, black pudding and the spicy sausage. Prepare a sauce with the finely-chopped onion, garlic and the sweet paprika and add salt if necessary.


Pour the sauce on the cabbage. Serve the beans piping hot with the cabbage, the spicy sausage and the black pudding.

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