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Which area of Spain is it typical?

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The climatic and soil conditions in the Tarragonese county of Baix Camp, along with this crop's long tradition in the county, provide this potato with is own characteristics, recognised with the Geographical Protection Mark label since August 2002.

Possible one of the most notable characteristics of the Prades potato is its high starch content - double that of a normal potato. In addition, its method of rotational cultivation, based on traditional techniques, has an enormous effect on its quality. Half the area growing it is dedicated to herbal crops which improve the flavour and the quality of the potato. Its flesh is white and tasty and cooks very well, with a clear yellow smooth skin that must not have green marks or excessive deformations.

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The production area is made up of the municipalities of Prades, Capafonts, La Febró and Arbolí, all in the county of Baix Camp, at the foot of the Sierra de Prades, in the province of Tarragona

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Depends on culinary preparation

Potatoes 'a la importancia'

The potatoes protected by the Geographical Protection Mark are of the Kennebec variety.

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Rich in carbohydrates.

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