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Which area of Spain is it typical?

Autonomous region:
Castile-La Mancha


Many sweets are made in the community of La Mancha. Although marzipan from Toledo is the best known, there is a wide range of confectionery products, such as bizcochá (cake soaked in milk with cinnamon in vanilla) which is a very typical dessert from Alcázar de San Juan and its county.

The origin of bizcochá is somewhat murky, although it is true that it is attributed to the nuns of the Order of St. Clare, who have been making this sweet in La Mancha since ancient times. Bizcochá is a cake made from eggs, flour and oil and soaked in milk with vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. The presence of spices like vanilla and cinnamon gives it a special flavour..

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It can be eaten throughout the year, but it is to some extent seasonal because its production increases at Easter..

Originating in Castilla-La Mancha, it can be found in any of its provinces.


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Rich in carbohydrates.

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