'Pintxos'. Bilbao, Vizcaya


A speciality from the Spanish region of Levante. This dish is made with rice and a variety of ingredients (fish, meat and vegetables among them), all of which should be added in the right proportion so that the final product will be balanced in both texture and flavour. This dish owes its name to the pan where it gets cooked.


Percebes (barnacle)

Spanish shellfish that thrives in the Cantabrian coast, where it lives adhered to the rocks. These exceptional-quality barnacles are considered by many to be the most delicious of all shellfish. It has a long, leathery stem with a nail at the end. In its interior it has pink flesh of intense flavour and smell. It should be served warm.


Perdiz (partridge)

This game species is the most emblematic in Spanish game cuisine. Red-legged partridge, because of its flavour and the elaborate recipes that include it, is a must for anyone that wishes to become acquainted with Spanish cuisine. Partridge a la moda de Alcántara and partridge with chocolate are two classical dishes that should not be missed. Other great recipes are marinated partridge, Toledan-syle partridge and partridge salad.


Pimiento (peppers)

Originally from America, peppers are nowadays grown all over the world. There are many different varieties of peppers, with different sizes, colours and flavours, as well as different levels of spiciness. They can be eaten raw, in salads or gazpacho, as well as in stews, stuffed and roasted. They can also be used to flavour food (specially chili peppers) or as a spice (paprika).


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