'Pintxos'. Bilbao, Vizcaya

Helado (ice-cream)

A very cold dessert, almost frozen, that is made in an ice-cream machine or in the freezer. It is made with a variety of ingredients: fruits, syrups, chocolate, vanilla, etc. It can be made in different ways: by adding a light syrup to a fruit purée; by preparing an egg-base cream with milk, sugar and whipped cream; or by mixing fruits and other ingredients with egg yolks, whipped egg whites and cream.


Horchata (tiger nut milk)

Horchata is the juice gathered from tiger nuts, which are small, white tubers. Tiger nut milk is sweet, aromatic and delicious. It is typical of the region of Levante, specially Valencia and Alicante. It is served chilled, sometimes like a sloshy or a frappé drink.


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