Gran Canaria

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    Nudist beaches of Spain.


La playa Ambar situada en La Aldea de San Nicolás es una playa compuesta de arena, grava y bolos de 220 metros de longitud.

Type of beach

  • Seafront promenade:
  • Composition: Pebbles,Gravel,Sand
  • Type of sand: Dark
  • Conditions: Calm waters
  • Mooring berths:
  • Vegetation:
  • Protected space:


  • Length: 220 (m)
  • Width: 17 (m)
  • Occupancy rate: Low
  • Degree of urban development: Isolated

  • Marina: Puerto de Mogán

Accesses and safety

  • Means of access: On foot easy
  • Nearest road: GC-200


WHAT IS THERE NEARBY? (within a 5 km radius)

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