This beautiful beach in Asturias is situated in an area of great natural beauty and just 5 kilometres from Llanes. You get to this crescent-shaped beach by road from the town of Andrín. The view of the beach and the islet of Castro is extremely beautiful. When there is heavy swell you can see a powerful blowhole close to Ballota point.

Type of beach

  • Seafront promenade:
  • Composition: Sand,Pebbles
  • Type of sand: White
  • Conditions: Strong waves,Windy
  • Mooring berths:
  • Vegetation:
  • Protected space:


  • Length: 240 (m)
  • Width: 62 (m)
  • Occupancy rate: Medio
  • Degree of urban development: Semi-urban

  • Marina: Llanes
  • Distance to beach: 7 km.


  • Litter bin
  • Cleaning service

Accesses and safety

  • Marina: Llanes
  • Distance to beach: 7 km.


WHAT IS THERE NEARBY? (within a 5 km radius)

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