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This runs transversally, parallel to the GR 11 and the GR 1 and, between both, are the inner Pyrenees sierras and the cultivated valleys in the land of the eocene flysch.

It is a beautiful path through the Pyrenees, less mountainous that the nearby Pyrenees Path but equally beautiful and allowing you to see places in this part of Aragon that are often ignored by most visitors. This path also has two variants.The first is the GR 15.1, which separates from the main GR path in Buisán and runs through the deforested plains of Buerba and Vió. It gives an impressive view of Monte Perdido, where Mondoto (1,962 m.) and Sestrales (2,106 m.), the eternal guards to the entry of the Añisclo Canyon, are a frame to this beautiful panorama.The GR 15.2 is, in turn, a branch that runs upwater of the River Ara from Broto and, passing through Torla, joins the GR 11 on the threshold of the Ordesa Valley. The GR 15 has been signposted as the GR of the different Pyrenees regions were marked. At present the stretch between Esposa and Pont de Suert, corresponding to Jacetania, Serrablo, Sobrarbe and La Ribagorza, is marked, except for the stretch between Ansó and Esposa.

Route details

Departure point: Acumuer
Arrival point: Pont de Suert (Lleida)
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance (km): 135
No. of stages: 9



Pont de Suert - Bonansa (GR 18) - Borda Ariño (GR 18) - Espés Bajo/Espés de Baix - Abella - San Feliu de Veri - Pusocuartal (PR-HU 50) - Gabás (PR-HU 50) - Seira - Barbaruens - Collado d’Aibón - Saravillo/Sarabillo (PR-HU 38) - Lafortunada (GR 19) - Tella (GR 19, PR-HU 39) - Estaronillo - Escuaín - Bestué - San Úrbez (Añisclo) - Sercué - Nerín - Buisán - Fanlo (PR-HU 42) - Sarvisé - Broto - Oto - Yosa - Otal (PR-HU 3) - Yésero (PR-HU 2) - Gavín - Biescas (GR 16, PR-HU 78) - Yosa de Sobremonte (PR-HU 10) Aso de Sobremonte - Acumuer (PR-HU 1, PR-HU 25) - Larrosa - Castiello de Jaca -Borau - Esposa.

Variante GR 15.1:

San Úrbez - Vió - Buerba - Buisán, GR 15.2: Broto - Torla


Accommodation in Pont de Suert, Bonansa, Abella, Barbaruens, Saravillo, Lafortunada, Escuaín, Nerín, Broto, Oto, Yésero, Gavín and Biescas. Unguarded refuges at La Basa de la Mora and El Circo de Armeña. Camping areas at Pont de Suert, Torla, Saravillo, Oto and Biescas.


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