Canyon descent.


Mountains with the promise of adventure, golf courses overlooking the sea, thrilling competitive events… Tempted? In Spain you'll be able to enjoy the thrills of sport in all its forms. There are almost 400 golf courses where you can practice your swing all year round. In winter you can glide over the snow in the sunshine. You'll be able to see the world's best athletes and sportsmen in action. And you can experience that rush of adrenaline in a range of adventure sports… And that's only the beginning.

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If golf's your thing, then Spain's the place for you. Spain is the top European golf tourism destination. Every year thousands of people choose our country to play this sport. Discover the key reasons for playing golf in Spain. You're guaranteed a wonderful experience you'll want to repeat.

Marine Resorts

Would you like to enjoy the sea in a fun and different way? Do you fancy spending a few activity-packed days in the heart of nature, trying your hand at a whole range of exciting water sports? It's never been easier: all you have to do is visit any of Spain's Marine Resorts.

Ski resorts

If skiing is your thing, then you should already be thinking of Spain as your next season's destination. Our country is the ideal place for this sport. There are a whole host of reasons to come to one of the many ski resorts to be found all over Spain.


If you enjoy outdoor sports in the heart of nature, you'll have a great time in Spain. There are options for all levels of skill: everything from paths where you can enjoy contemplating the scenery as you walk, to thrill-seeking activities that are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.


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