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Multi-coloured scarf in a market.


It's time for a style statement
Top international labels and designers; trendy, creative, traditional and deluxe fashions; exclusive brands, major chains and the latest in cool design. Choose your style and enjoy a full day's shopping in Spain, thanks to the generous opening hours.

Shopping excursions in Madrid

  • Shop window in Madrid

    Endless possibilities

    Surrender to temptation and enjoy a day's shopping in the city. Make a note of these areas, and you can't go wrong: Salamanca, Chueca, Centro and Moncloa.

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  • Traditional shopping

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  • Exclusive shopping

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Shopping excursions in Barcelona

  • Maremagnum. Barcelona

    A city at the height of fashion

    The place itself is a vast shopping centre: a famous pedestrianised 'Shopping Line' 5 kilometres long with street markets, craft workshops... There's plenty to choose from.

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  • Traditional shopping

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  • Exclusive shopping

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Other shopping destinations

More ideas

Traditional markets

Purchases with special appeal

These markets are very popular with locals and offer a glimpse of the genuine Spanish lifestyle.


Why not take a unique memento back home with you?

Make a point of picking up some handmade products or discovering traditional Spanish crafts.

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