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Coruña del Conde, Burgos, is located in the prestigious region of Ribera del Duero, famous for its wine tradition. The fertile plains along River Duero yield numerous crops, among which vines are the most remarkable. Cellars and wineries mark this region, which also has several historic sites that can be visited, such as Coruña del Conde. In its historic quarter we can see the remains of a medieval castle, and the Romanesque hermitage of Santo Cristo. A few kilometres away we find the Roman city of Clunia, one of the most important in the north of the peninsula. In this archaeological site we can admire ruins that speak of the ancient splendour of the city, which had a population of 30,000. Ancestral homes, Roman baths, theatres and temples are part of the urban development. Numerous mosaics offer, in addition, a peek into the evolution of this art form between the 2nd and 4th centuries AD.


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