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Plaza Mayor s/n
32800  Celanova, Ourense  (Galicia)
Tel.:+34 988432201



It was founded by Froila and built in 940, in the vegetable garden of the Celanova monastery. It is a jewel of Mozarab art, with three bodies: a vestibule; the nave, of quadrangular plan, and an apse of circular plan but rectangular from the outside. Inside, it has a cross vault on horseshoe arches in the transept and raised dome. Its roof is pitched. The entrance door is lintelled. It is dedicated to San Miguel.

  • Construction: Chapel
  • Artistic period: Mozarabic
  • Historic period: 10th century

Practical information


  • From Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 12:30
  • 16:30 18:00


  • General: €2
  • Reduced: €1


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