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Palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra

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C/ Marqués de Salvatierra, 26
29400  Ronda, Malaga  (Andalusia)
Tel.:+34 952187119


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Situated in the historic quarter of Ronda, this 18th century stately residence is classical and sober, contrasting with the imaginative sculptures on the façade.

The Salvatierra family tree goes back to Vasco Martín de Salvatierra, to whom the Catholic Monarchs gave the Mudejar architecture houses that existed where the palace, built by his successors, stands today.
The Baroque façade is inspired by the classical style - a door with a lintel flanked by two doubled Corinthian columns - and is made up of two parts. Above there is a typical wrought iron balcony from Ronda, finished with a segmented pediment bearing the Salvatierra coat of arms.
Both sides of the pediment are resting on respective pairs of nude figures, acting as detached columns or classical atlantes - some male and some female. The former have a taunting appearance, with their tongues sticking out, while the latter modestly conceal their sexual organs. The inspiration for these sculptures is clearly Inca.


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