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Jimena de la Frontera

Jimena castle and water cistern (Moorish Queen's Bath)

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Jimena de la Frontera, Cadiz  (Andalusia)
Tel.:+34 956640569


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The remains of the medieval Al-Andalus castle in Jimena de la Frontera stand on a hill in the Sierra de San Cristóbal Mountains, and used to serve as a watchtower for old borders.

Several of the castle-fort's elements are preserved in quite good condition: stretches of walls that adapt to the topography of the terrain, with their corresponding towers or watchtowers set out in stretches; the so-called Clock Tower, or Albarrán, and the Alcázar, refurbished after being conquered by the Kingdom of Castile, dominated by the circular Keep.
At the back of the castle we find the "Moorish Queen's Bath", which is actually a baptismal font from an old Mozarabic church that used to exist there, dug out of the rock. Several dug-out niches have also been recovered nearby, which probably belonged to another humble and ancient Mozarabic church.
The views over Algeciras Bay and the mountains of Cadiz are breathtaking from here.


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Admission free.


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