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Plaza de Parejas s/n
28300  Aranjuez, Madrid  (Madrid)
Tel.:+34 918910740
Fax.:+34 918921532


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It is located to the north of the Royal Palace at Aranjuez. It was built by Philip II, and is a unique example of a Spanish Renaissance garden. It is laid out along a longitudinal axis comprising a variety of different squares dedicated to Hercules, Apollo, the Harpies, Bacchus, etc. They are all set amid strictly formal gardens bordered by box hedges. The garden’s design, together with its setting, make this a visit not to be missed for any garden lover.

Practical information


From Jan 01 to Feb 28
From 08:00 to 18:30

From Mar 01 to Mar 15
From 08:00 to 19:00

From Mar 16 to Mar 29
From 08:00 to 19:30

From Mar 30 to Jun 15
From 08:00 to 20:30

From Jun 16 to Aug 15
From 08:00 to 21:30

From Aug 16 to Sep 30
From 08:00 to 20:30

From Oct 01 to Oct 24
From 08:00 to 19:30

From Oct 30 to Dec 31
From 08:00 to 18:30

Closed: 1 May, 24,25,31 December.


Admission free

Cerrado: 1 de mayo, 24,25, 31 de diciembre.


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