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Casa de Campo park
Avenida de Portugal, s/n. Paseo Puerta del Ángel, 1
28011  Madrid  (Madrid)
Tel.:+34 914796002


Autonomous region:




This is an enormous green area covering 1,722 hectares, located just outside Madrid. Philip II acquired this property –including a mansion and the land– in around 1560 or 1561. The estate stands opposite the outcrop overlooking the Manzanares River, and once belonged to the noble Vargas family. He later converted it into a Renaissance villa for private rather than official use, and surrounded it with beautiful gardens, a reflection of his tastes. Documented descriptions and remnants of structures have made it possible to recreate a place whose Mannerist style can be identified through its typical elements: grottoes, mazes, 'giochi d'acqua' (concealed jets of water to spray unsuspecting visitors), and so on, set in a veritable oasis surrounded by dense trees, which were planted at that time.

Practical information


The entrances to the Zoo, Amusement Park, Paseo de Extremadura and the lake area are closed from 1-6 am.


Admission free


Amusement park
Madrid Zoo Aquarium
Cable car line
Casa de Campo Exhibition Centre
Richard Schirrmann youth hostel
Paseo de la Gastronomía (Gastronomy Route)    


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