How do electrical appliances work in Spain?

Electricity supply in Spain is AC 220 volts, 50 Hertz. Sockets meet European regulations and use the round pin system. However, most hotels have adaptors for different plugs. Make sure that the electrical appliances you are going to use (computers, mobile phone chargers, shavers…) work at this voltage.


Where can I get a tourist card and what are its advantages?

You can purchase a tourist card in many cities in Spain. Destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Gijón, León, Salamanca, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Toledo, Valencia and Zaragoza are some of the places where it is available. These types of cards are sold at tourist offices, airports, hotels and travel agencies. They usually include preferential admission to monuments and museums and discounts on sightseeing, entertainment, transportation, shopping and restaurants. It is usually valid for one, two or three days (generally consecutive, as the card is activated the first time it is used). Its price depends on the destination and the type of card, although it usually ranges between €10 and €60. In addition, there are specific cards with a lower price for children. Many of the cards can be purchased online (we recommend you visit the official web page of your destination for more information). After the purchase, you can have the card sent to your home, or pick it at any of the points provided in the city for this purpose (generally airports, train stations and tourist resorts). You will find more information at the following links: Madrid tourist card Barcelona tourist card Barcelona tourist NightCard Bilbao tourist card Gijón tourist card León tourist card Salamanca tourist card Seville tourist card Granada tourist card Murcia tourist card Palma tourist card Las Palmas de Gran Canaria tourist card Toledo tourist card Valencia tourist card Zaragoza tourist card


Is nudism prohibited on the beaches of Spain?

In Spain there are no laws specifically prohibiting nudism on beaches. It is not a crime, then, unless there is indecent exposure. However, some municipalities, to regulate the use of their beaches, prohibit nudism except in areas where it is approved. Failure to comply may result in a small fine. Therefore, to avoid conflicts, it is always advisable to seek places where the practice is permitted or nudity is acceptable. In Spain there are more than 300 beaches classified as nude beaches. Going to one of them is recommended if you would like to partake in this practice. You may find them all on the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment official website. ( If you are interested in practicing nudism at any other beaches, it is best to become informed at the local City Council or the tourism office of your destination. If you would like to go topless, you may do so freely at any beach in Spain. In turn, if you are interested in learning about the different Naturists Associations and Centres for Naturist Vacations, you may do so at the Spanish Naturist Federation. (  


What you should know if you have a complaint about a tourist service.

During your stay in Spain, you have the right to receive tourist services according to the quality and characteristics advertised by the companies which offer them. If you are not satisfied, you are entitled to lodge a complaint or claim. The current legislation requires all establishments to have documents known as “claim forms” available for customers, and to advertise this fact on a notice placed so as to be clearly visible to the clientele. These forms must be submitted in the establishment itself, and in the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC). In the event that the claim is proved to be true, the Administration will impose a fine on the establishment or tourist service company which was the object of the complaint.


Which system of weights and measures is used in Spain?

Spain uses the Metric (Decimal) System, with seven basic units of measurement, known as the International System of Units (SI), which is valid throughout the European Union. The system governs all units of weight, measurement and distance (metre, kilogram, second, litre, ton…).


Can you drink the tap water?

Drinking water supply is guaranteed throughout Spain. We have stringent control systems that guarantee water quality. Nevertheless, in some Mediterranean coastal areas consumption of bottled water is widespread.


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