Spending the summer in Spain is an experience you have to live at least once in a lifetime. You've probably got time off and plenty of time to visit places, and you probably want to make plans and get the most out of those days. What's more, thanks to the nice weather, you're almost sure to enjoy a dip in one of the best beaches in the world. For example, would you like to enjoy the atmosphere on the Costa del Sol, go diving on the Costa Brava, discover our fishing villages or hire a boat? And if you love staying active you can try all kinds of water sports. As well as beaches, in Spain there are many options to suit all tastes and pockets. There are popular festivities in summer, like the famous San Fermín or La Tomatina tomato festival. But if you prefer to dance, there are also many world-renowned festivals. And of course, if you love clubbing you shouldn't miss going out at night in Ibiza. At lunchtime you can try a refreshing dish such as our cold soup – gazpacho. And you can make the most of the bars and restaurants that have outdoor terraces. Just click on the image or the text that you want in order to find more information about each one of these plans. What are you going to do this summer?

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  • Aragon, sporting ideas for a real adventure.

    [Travel ideas]

    …(Aragon) Come and experience an active, exciting trip in the Region of Aragón, north-eastern Spain, and discover a unique natural setting. An option for sporting tourism designed for everyone and perfect for the summer months. It has two objectives: for you to have fun and to discover an incredible …

  • Asturias, a summer paradise for active/adventure tourism.

    [Travel ideas]

    …(Asturias) A perfect destination if you want to enjoy the summer in beautiful natural surroundings. The ecological diversity and the range of different landscapes to be found in this region, located between the Bay of Biscay and the Picos de Europa Mountains, make for the broadest array of options f…

  • A summer of festivals in Spain.

    [Travel ideas]

    …Many of the most popular and fun festivals in Spain are held in the months of June, July, August and September. We will tell you about them so that you can enjoy your days of sunshine this summer in an original way. Bonfires of San Juan. La Patum de Berga Fiesta. The Battle of Wine. International Fe…

  • A summer of music and theatre in Spain.

    [Travel ideas]

    …The good weather is here again, bringing with it Spain's summer festivals. These are unique opportunities to enjoy music and theatre in the open air or in distinctive venues. A perfect option for a different way to spend the summer evenings. Music or theatre? Dance or guitar concerts? A classical pe…

  • August festivities in the Basque Country.

    [Travel ideas]

    …(Basque Country) The good weather is here and the main cities in the Basque Country are holding festivals in August: "Semana Grande" Festival in Bilbao and San Sebastián, and the Festivities of the Virgen Blanca in Vitoria. A perfect excuse to discover this part of northern Spain. The Basque Country…

  • Barcelona: peace and quiet, music and terraces.

    [Travel ideas]

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) The city of Barcelona is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks while looking out over the Mediterranean, strolling through its streets or dining in any of its restaurants. A good area for this is the Port Vell harbour which has numerous bars and restaurants overlooking the s…

  • Beaches, kilometres from the sea.

    [Travel ideas]

    …In summer, Spain's lakes and reservoirs become an alternative coastline: far from the sea, with a very different, green environment amidst the mountains. These are alternative "beaches" where you can sunbathe, practise water sports or go for boat trips, enjoying magnificent landscapes at the same ti…

  • Beaches, nature and gastronomy in the “Rías Baizas”.

    [Travel ideas]

    …(Galicia) The Atlantic Ocean makes inroads into the land amidst legendary forests to form the “Rías Baixas” (literally: low, tidal inlets). The area’s exceptional beaches, rugged scenery and the wealth of flavours present in its unique cuisine are just a few of the treasures waiting for you in this …

  • Benicàssim to the rhythm of FIB.

    [Travel ideas]

    …Benicasim. Castellón - Castelló. (Valencia) Music, exhibitions, competitions, fun, sun, sand... FIn July, Benicàssim, on the Castellón coast, becomes one of Spain and Europe's most lively venues thanks to FIB: the Benicàssim International Festival. Thousands of people make for this Mediterranean des…

  • Charter boating in Spain.

    [Travel ideas]

    …If you like sailing, Spain is a destination that you will love for many reasons: because of the good weather, the variety of settings its coasts have to offer, the quality of the facilities, and because hiring a boat is simple. Getting to know Spain from the sea, on a charter boat, can be a fun opti…

  • Costa Dorada, a holiday for all ages.

    [Travel ideas]

    …Tarragona. (Catalonia) The Costa Dorada in north-eastern Spain is the ideal place for a holiday, and guarantees fun for all the family. You and your family can decide whether to spend your time on endless beaches –fully equipped with play areas for younger children, take a trip in a sailboat, enjoy …

  • Dishes for summer.

    [Travel ideas]

    …In summer, everything is twice as delicious if it’s served cold. These are the hottest months in Spain and that’s why refreshing dishes such as gazpacho, salads and ice creams feature so prominently at every meal. Here are just a few suggestions. Take note, and make a point of enjoying them while si…

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