Pereda Gardens. Santander

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  • Barcelona Botanical Garden. Barcelona.


    … Calle Doctor Font i Quer 2. 08038. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Tel.: +34 932564160 | +34 934264935 | +34 932562220 | Fax.: +34 934245053 | E-mail: In 1995, construction of a new Botanical Garden on Montjuïc hill was completed, a second one for the city o…

  • Horta Maze. Barcelona.


    … Calle Germans Desvalls (Parc del Laberint ), s/n. 08035. Barcelona. (Catalonia) It was created when a Catalan aristocrat decided to convert an old, extensive family property at the end of the 18th century. The garden’s layout, buildings and ornamentation were designed by Ba…

  • Jardines Costa i Llobera. Barcelona.


    … Carretera Miramar 1. 08038. Barcelona. (Catalonia) The Costa i Llobera is on the hill at Montjuïc and was built at the same time as the Mossen Cinto Verdaguer and Joan Maragall gardens, all of them dedicated to poets in the Catalan language. Its wonderful position on the so…

  • Pedralbes Palace gardens. Barcelona.


    … Avenida Diagonal 686. 08034. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 934132424 | The park at the Pedralbes Royal Palace has its origins in an estate belonging to the Güell family, ceded in 1920 for the construction of a residence for the royal family, something that Barcelona lack…

  • Joan Miró Park. Barcelona.


    … Calle Tarragona, 74. 08015. Barcelona. (Catalonia) This park was the object of one of the first and hardest-fought competitions of its type held in Barcelona, won by four young Catalonian architects. Located at the western edge of the Eixample area, they were faced with six…

  • La España Industrial Park. Barcelona.


    … Calle Muntades, 37. 08014. Barcelona. (Catalonia) This new park was built in the middle of the last century on the former site of a major textiles company, covering an area of 50,000 m2. It was the result of a competition won by the architects Luis Peña Ganchegui and France…

  • Parque del Clot. Barcelona.


    … Calle Escultor Claperós s/n. 08018. Barcelona. (Catalonia) This is a 4-hectare park created on industrial ruins in which the double archway of the old Renfe railway workshop has been converted into an aqueduct whose waters run romantically down the sides of the arches in a …

  • Güell park. Barcelona.


    … Calle Olot 7. 08024. Barcelona. (Catalonia) E-mail: This is listed as UNESCO World Heritage, together with another six works by Antoni Gaudí. It was conceived as a residential town, inspired by English garden cities, although the houses were never buil…

  • Parque de Montjuic. Barcelona.


    … Montjuïc s/n. 08004. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Throughout the 20th century, this harsh, craggy and wooded scrubland just outside Barcelona has been transformed into an enormous complex of 250 hectares containing numerous pavilions –some as distinctive as the one by Mies Van de…

  • Ciudadela Park. Barcelona.


    … Paseo Picasso s/n. 08003. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Barcelona’s city park par excellence was initially designed around 1870 by Josep Fontseré. The idea was to make public gardens out of the land and facilities that had, since 1715, made up the large fortress that Philip V ord…

  • La Creueta del Coll Park. Barcelona.


    … Paseo Mare de Déu del Coll 89. 08023. Barcelona. (Catalonia) The park is located in a built-up area, a large area pressed against the edge of the mountains. It is set on the site of an old stone quarry. It has a large, shallow pool that serves to mirror a wonderful sculptur…

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