Pereda Gardens. Santander

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  • Barcelona Botanical Garden. Barcelona.


    …Calle Doctor Font i Quer 2. 08038. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Tel.: +34 932564160 | +34 934264935 | +34 932562220 | Fax.: +34 934245053 | E-mail: In 1995, construction of a …

  • Horta Maze. Barcelona.


    …Calle Germans Desvalls (Parc del Laberint ), s/n. 08035. Barcelona. (Catalonia) It was created when a Catalan aristocrat decided to convert an old, extensive family property at the end of the 18…

  • Jardines Costa i Llobera. Barcelona.


    …Carretera Miramar 1. 08038. Barcelona. (Catalonia) The Costa i Llobera is on the hill at Montjuïc and was built at the same time as the Mossen Cinto Verdaguer and Joan Maragall gardens, all of t…

  • Pedralbes Palace gardens. Barcelona.


    …Avenida Diagonal 686. 08034. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 934132424 | The park at the Pedralbes Royal Palace has its origins in an estate belonging to the Güell family, ceded in 1920 for the…

  • Joan Miró Park. Barcelona.


    …Calle Tarragona, 74. 08015. Barcelona. (Catalonia) This park was the object of one of the first and hardest-fought competitions of its type held in Barcelona, won by four young Catalonian archit…

  • La España Industrial Park. Barcelona.


    …Calle Muntades, 37. 08014. Barcelona. (Catalonia) This new park was built in the middle of the last century on the former site of a major textiles company, covering an area of 50,000 m2. It was …

  • Parque del Clot. Barcelona.


    …Calle Escultor Claperós s/n. 08018. Barcelona. (Catalonia) This is a 4-hectare park created on industrial ruins in which the double archway of the old Renfe railway workshop has been converted i…

  • Güell park. Barcelona.


    …Calle Olot 7. 08024. Barcelona. (Catalonia) E-mail: This is listed as UNESCO World Heritage, together with another six works by Antoni Gaudí. It was conceived as a resident…

  • Parque de Montjuic. Barcelona.


    …Montjuïc s/n. 08004. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Throughout the 20th century, this harsh, craggy and wooded scrubland just outside Barcelona has been transformed into an enormous complex of 250 hecta…

  • Ciudadela Park. Barcelona.


    …Paseo Picasso s/n. 08003. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Barcelona’s city park par excellence was initially designed around 1870 by Josep Fontseré. The idea was to make public gardens out of the land a…

  • La Creueta del Coll Park. Barcelona.


    …Paseo Mare de Déu del Coll 89. 08023. Barcelona. (Catalonia) The park is located in a built-up area, a large area pressed against the edge of the mountains. It is set on the site of an old stone…

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