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Pereda Gardens. Santander

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  • Gardens of the Alcázar Fortress of the Christian Monarchs. Córdoba.


    … Calle de las Caballerizas Reales, s/n. 14004. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 957204333 | E-mail: . The Fortress gardens were laid on three clearly differentiated terraces with the following d…

  • Finca Moratalla gardens. Hornachuelos.


    … Carretera C-431 de Córdoba a Palma del Río (Hornachuelos) km. 40. 14740. Hornachuelos. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 954219012 | E-mail: These gardens were made around 1910-1915 in an Andalusian farmhouse belonging to the Marquis of Viana, with the aim of turning…

  • View of Patio de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Courtyard), Cordoba Cathedral/Great Mosque. Córdoba.


    … Calle Cardenal Herrero 1. 14003. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) This could be considered Europe’s oldest “living” garden, given that it was established alongside the initial works on the Great Mosque, under Abd al-Rahman I in 784. It is an enclosed area measuring approximate…

  • Viana Palace gardens. Córdoba.


    … Plaza De Don Gome 2. 14001. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 957497413 | E-mail:   The Roman tradition of the impluvium, combined with the Arab culture, gave rise to the Andalusian courtyard or patio, a protected interior area that serv…

  • Cordoba Botanical Gardens. Córdoba.


    … Avenida de Linneo s/n. 14004. Córdoba. Cordoba. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 957295333 | E-mail: The Cordoba Botanical Gardens were inaugurated in 1987 and are primarily for educational and scientific use. This is clear from the layout, wit…

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