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  • Designation of Origin olive oils: guaranteed quality.

    Travel ideas

    …Come and discover the colour, aroma and unique tastes of Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Three characteristics that are guaranteed by the Designation of Origin seal. They are excellent quality oils that conserve all thei…

  • Jaén and the gastronomy of olive oil.

    Travel ideas

    …Jaén. (Andalusia) There is no better place to start that Jaén if you want to learn about Spanish olive oil. Within a radius of just 50 kilometres of the city, you will find companies and co-operatives where you can find …

  • Spain’s olive oil country..

    Travel ideas

    …Virgin olive oil is a vital ingredient in Spanish cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. Healthy and delicious, this is a treat for the palate that we suggest you try in the olive-growing regions themselves. You will find o…

  • Bullfighting in Spain: on the other side of the barrier.

    Travel ideas

    …Can you imagine feeling all the excitement of the world of bullfighting? Would you like to see how these animals are reared, and spend an enjoyable day at a bull farm? Then come to Spain, because as well as attending spe…

  • The Via Augusta, following the trail of the Roman Empire in Spain.

    Travel ideas

    …Can you imagine walking on a road more than 2,000 years old, surrounded by stunning landscapes? Would you like to go on a wonderful journey back to the times of the Roman Empire? All this is possible if you come to Spain…

  • Museum Paradors: accommodation with a fascinating past.

    Travel ideas

    …If, on your trip to Spain, you wish to stay in a special place that is full of charm, we suggest the Parador hotels: unique accommodations (many are old castles, palaces and monasteries) located in natural and historical…

  • Andalusia under gallop.

    Travel ideas

    …(Andalusia) Discover Andalusia on horseback. Have you ever thought about it? These animals have been closely linked to this part of southern Spain for centuries. Get ready to enjoy Andalusia in a very different way: you …

  • Ubeda and Baeza: the world’s Renaissance treasures.

    Travel ideas

    …Jaén. (Andalusia) Spain can boast itself the first country to have 37 cultural objects declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO—a formidable number. To fortified cities, natural spaces and Pre-Romanesque, Mudejar and Mode…

  • Water parks, refreshing fun for the summer.

    Travel ideas

    …Water, sun and fun. How would you like to enjoy this unbeatable combination with your family? Come to one of the many water parks in Spain and take the opportunity to share a wonderful day of fun with your children, pack…