Cabañeros National Park



Cabañeros National Park

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Iberian fauna in the meadow

Cabañeros National Park is outstanding because of its abundant fauna, including many endemic species.

The meadows, mountain ranges and massifs covered with Mediterranean forests and thicket make a beautiful landscape. It is also the habitat of many animal species, especially birds (black vultures, Spanish imperial eagles, golden eagles). Large mammals also live in Cabañeros (45 species). It is easy to spot deer, wild boar and roe deer.


Ciudad Real (Castile-La Mancha)

Retuerta del Bullaque, Alcoba, Horcajo de los Montes, Navas de Estena

Toledo (Castile-La Mancha)

Hontanar, Navalucillos, Los


It is situated between the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castile-La Mancha), in the heart of Spain.  

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  • Areal 40.856 hektarer

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The chance of visiting different towns on the vast La Mancha plains, where there are many examples of artistic and monumental heritage. The name of the park comes from the huts ("cabañas") of the shepherds who used to live here. Some of them were refurbished and can be visited today.  


Cabañeros combines the Mediterranean landscape with areas of Atlantic vegetation. Thanks to this we find pastureland, oak groves, cork oak forests and thicket. The park has a large number of animal species, including some endemic species.  


It has various routes, visitor centres and museums. There are two roads which run through the park, offering outstanding views of the forests and with areas of rock roses and heaths among strawberry trees. You can check the Visitor Centres on this page. More access information.  


Torre de Abraham visitor centre and recreational centre


CM-403 (junto al pantano de la Torre de Abraham)
Torre de Abraham, Retuerta del Bullaque (Ciudad Real)


  • Fra 01 jun til 31 aug
  • Fra Mandag til Søndag Fra 09:00 til 19:00
  • Fra 01 sep til 31 okt
  • Fra Mandag til Søndag Fra 09:00 til 20:00

'Casa Palillos' visitor centre


Carretera Pueblo Nuevo del Bullaque-Santa Quiteria
13116 Alcoba de los Montes, Alcoba (Ciudad Real)


Tlf.:: [+34 926783297]
Fax:: [+34 926783297]


  • Fra 01 jul til 31 aug
  • Fra Mandag til Søndag Fra 09:00 til 19:00
  • Fra 01 sep til 31 okt
  • Fra Mandag til Søndag Fra 09:00 til 21:00

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