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Hvor i Spanien er det typisk?

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Extremaduran beef is surprisingly tasty and juicy; its qualities have made it a key product for the region of Extremadura.

The so-called "Extremaduran beef" is the meat from herds of the native beef breeds Retinta, Iberian Avileña Black, Morucha, Cacereña White, and their crosses, which have been raised and slaughtered within the region of Extremadura. They are beasts fed on the natural pastures of the Extremaduran grasslands. The calves are fed by their mothers until they are at least five months old, when they are slaughtered. The colour of the meat generally ranges from pink tones to intense reds. The consistency is firm, slightly moist and fine textured; Because of its culinary qualities and natural production, it is a perfect meat.

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Type produkt:

All year round.

The production area for designated Extremaduran beef includes the counties and muncipalities of Alburquerque, Almendralejo, Azuaga, Badajoz; Brozas, Cáceres, Castuera, Coria, Don Benito, Herrera del Duque, Hervás, Jaraíz de la Vera, Jerez de los Caballeros, Logrosán, Llerena, Mérida, Navalmoral de la Mata, Olivenza, Plasencia, Puebla de Alcocer, Trujillo and Valencia de Alcántara.

Anbefalede drikkevarer:
Crianza and young reds, especially if they belong to the Extremaduran Designation of Origin Ribera del Guadiana or Extremaduran local wines. The choice largely depends on how the product is prepared.

Hvor kan det købes?:
Extremaduran beef is available in most speciality shops, supermarkets and butcher's shops in Extremadura.

Ternera (Calf):
Animal slaughtered at between 7 and 10 months. Shows bright pink meat and white fat. Its consistency is firm and slightly moist and its texture is fine.

Añojo (Mature calf):
Animal slaughtered at between 10 and 16 months. Its meat has a colour varying between light and purplish red, with infiltrations of white fat. It shows a consistency that is firm to the touch and a fine texture and is slightly moist.

Novillo (Young cattle):
Animals slaughtered at between 16 and 36 months. Its meat is cherry red and its fat cream coloured. Firm consistency, fine texture and slightly moist, with a moderate level of intramuscular fat.




Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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