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Its unique urban layout and its typical popular architecture are the two main aesthetic characteristics of this traditional village in the Sierra de Gata mountains in Caceres. Its old quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation.

Its urban design features elements such as walkways, underground cellars and a farmhouse adapted to the slopes of the hill on which it stands.
The popular traditional architecture of Robledillo consists of houses made from slate, adobe and the material known as varaseto, a mixture of chestnut and oak rods daubed with mud and straw. The façades have the traditional balustraded wooden eave, and roofs made of curved tiles.
Its most interesting buildings include the parish church of La Asunción in the Renaissance style (16th century), with a hexagonal floor plan and portico in the form of an arch with ten columns, and notable Mudéjar coffering in the sacristy. Below the altar is a Baroque recumbent articulated Christ by the school of Gregorio Fernández.

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