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Motril is located on a hill, on the slope of Sierra Lújar. It enjoys a mild subtropical climate, which make it the ideal sun-and-beach destination, all year round. To its attractive coastline and tourist centres, we must add its great artistic heritage. The historic quarter is a typical example of Arab-Spanish urban development. The church of La Encarnación, erected on top of an old high mosque, is a Mudejar building from the 16th century. Baroque architecture can be admired at the building that houses the City Hall, and at the sanctuary of the Virgin of Cabeza (patron saint of the village) which was erected over the former residence of the mother of King Boabdil, on a hill with stunning views. The beaches of La Joya, Poniente and Carchuna, and the port, with an important fishing, commercial, and recreational activity, are also part of the wonderful charm of this town.

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