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Asón is a town situated in the region of Asón-Agüera, in the western area of Cantabria. This small rural village sits on the banks of the Asón, a trout-fishing river which flows through exceptional native woodland and limestone massifs which contain hundreds of caves, making it a true paradise for potholers and nature lovers in general. Another of the surrounding attractions is the source of the Asón, an impressive waterfall more than 50 metres high. Asón is three kilometres from Arredondo, the district's capital. It has a Neoclassic church, protected by a huge cylindrical tower, from which the man who ordered it built, the Spaniard made good in the Americas Antonio Gutiérrez Solana, hoped to make out the sea. Outstanding in the surrounding area is the rock hermitage of San Juan de Socueva, from the 10th century, and an extraordinary series of underground galleries known as the Cueto-Coventosa System.

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