Casa de los Pisa - San Juan de Dios Museum - Casa de los Pisa


Calle Convalecencia 1
18010  Granada  (Andalusia)
Tlf.:+34 958222144
Fax::+34 958227443




The life of Saint John of God.

The museum is located in a magnificent 16th-century palace, the Casa de los Pisa.

The Pisa family became known for giving St. John of God shelter in their palace until his death in 1550. The museum has icons of the saint on display, as well as the art treasures of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God, with over 400 years of history. Worthy of note among the works on exhibit are the collection of depictions of the Infant Jesus, the Flemish paintings, some ivory pieces and works by such authors as Alonso Cano, Bocanegra, Risueño, Mora, Martínez Montañés and Pablo de Rojas.

  • Navn: Private museum
  • Indhold: Religious art

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