Gastronomic Basque Museum


Plaza Maestro Elorza 11
01400  Laudio-Llodio, Álava - Araba  (Basque Country)
Tlf.:+34 944034940
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The art of Basque cuisine

This museum is located in Zubikoetxea, in a stately house on three floors, surrounded by gardens. It is also headquarters of the Basque Gastronomy Academy.

This centre is ideal for all lovers of gastronomy, and shows Basque cuisine, both domestic and professional, from a range of different times and styles. In its rooms you can see the different machines and utensils used at each time, along with the professionals themselves (sweet makers, chefs and waiters) in period dress. You can also see representations from the most relevant Basque chefs along with the phenomenon of gastronomic societies. The collection of menus from restaurants all over the world is particularly unusual.

  • Navn: Regional museum
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