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Delimitado por las calles de Santa Susana, Toreno, Uría y Santa Cruz. s/n
33007  Oviedo, Asturias  (Asturias)
Tlf.:+34 985227586
Fax::+34 985213066


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  The main green space in the capital of Asturias and its foremost public park is the Campo de San Francisco, located in the heart of Oviedo. It was laid out in the early 19th century at a time when Oviedo was expanding, and the land that was formerly the orchard/garden of the San Francisco Convent was transformed into its urban park. It covers 90,000 m2 and is structured around wide avenues interspersed with winding paths. The plant life is characterised by tall trees, including chestnuts, plane trees, oaks and English elms. The park has numerous monuments. Especially worthy of note are the one dedicated to the writer Clarín and the ruins of the Romanesque façade of the old San Isidoro Church.

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