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Exhibition: The Greek from Toledo


Fra 14-03-2014 til 14-06-2014

Santa Cruz Museum

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Selvstyrende region:
Castile-La Mancha





Toledo plays host to the most important show on the painter in history. The genius and his muse come together for the first time in an exhibition. This is a unique opportunity to see over one hundred of the artist's works, many of them brought in from 29 different cities all over the world.

Never before has an exhibition on El Greco been held in Toledo. And the moment has finally arrived with the commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the artist's death. The whole city is involved in this event, as in addition to the main venue –the Santa Cruz Museum– original paintings will also be on display in the sacristy of Toledo Cathedral, the Chapel of San José, the convent of Santo Domingo el Antiguo, the church of Santo Tomé and the Tavera Hospital.
Visitors can see works from throughout the whole of his career: from his earliest beginnings, his arrival in Spain and his work as a portraitist at the time of Philip II, through to his evolution as an inventor and painter of complex altarpieces.

In short, this is a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition and a chance to enjoy the creations of the incomparable 'Greek from Toledo', including 'View of Toledo' (New York, USA - The Metropolitan Museum of Art), 'The nobleman with a hand on his chest' (Madrid – Prado Museum), 'The burial of the Count of Orgaz (church of Santo Tomé) and 'Christ on the cross adored by two donors' (Paris, Fr – Musée du Louvre).

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Fra 14-03-2014 til 14-06-2014
Calle Miguel de Cervantes, 3
45001. Toledo (Castile-La Mancha)

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Fra 14-03-2014 til 14-06-2014

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