Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival


  • Aktivitet: Festival
  • Tema: Cinema


The Huelva Latin American Film Festival is to be held in the Casa Colón Cultural Centre, where the following prizes will be awarded: The Colón de Oro (Golden Columbus) to the best feature-length film, and the Colón de Plata (Silver Columbus) in other different categories.

This is an international event that aims to promote and circulate the different films featured, contributing to the recognition and commercialisation of cinematographic productions from Latin American countries, including those made by Latin American directors in the USA.

Praktiske oplysninger

  • Dato: Fra 14-11-2015 til 21-11-2015
  • Sted: Plaza del Punto s/n
    21003. Huelva (Andalusia)

Tlf. +34 959210170
Fax: +34 959210173

Åbningstider og priser


  • Fra 14-11-2015 til 21-11-2015

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